The People Are Defeating The TPP

Below is an article from the Washington Post. It is striking that the article is so critical (and accurate) in its comments on the secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership. And, it is impressive that they used a photo from our protest where we covered the US Trade Representatives building in massive signs to expose their secret trade agreement. The article points out that the leak of the intellectual property chapter will increase opposition to Fast Track Trade Promotion Authority. On the day of the leak letters were released that showed we were already nearing majority opposition, including 3/4 of Democrats in the House saying they opposed Fast Track. Momentum is on our side, we need people to join the effort and push this through to victory. Also below is an interview I did on The Real News about the TPP. From the Washington Post, normally a very pro-"free" trade publication: "After Thursday’s leak of the intellectual property chapter it is obvious why the USTR and the Obama administration have insisted on secrecy. From this text it appears that the U.S. administration is negotiating for intellectual property provisions that it knows it could not achieve through an open democratic process."

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