Globalized Corporate Trade Fails Again: WTO Stalls

The approach of global trade is not working for most people in the world. The failure of the World Trade Organization (WTO) to move forward is one more example of a failed approach. The Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Atlantic version, TAFTA, are additional examples. The WTO and these trade agreements pursue a path that puts profits ahead of the necessities of the people and the planet. They have expanded the wealth divide, destroyed the environment and undermined the rights of workers. Unlike the spokesperson from the United States in the article below, we are pleased to see this failure. Our view is that an entirely new approach is needed to international trade. We need to change the goals of trade and the method of reaching agreements on trade. The new goals should be one of cooperation, not domination; it should put the people and planet before process. The approach to achieve trade for the benefit of people and planet should not be one of secrecy and participation by transnational corporations, as the current approach takes but rather one of transparency and participation of civil society in creating economic democracy. These negotiations are creating international laws, the people affected by those laws should participate in making them.

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