US Fails to Close TPP Deal as Wikileaks Exposes Discord

The United States is blaming Wikileaks for sowing discord, but in fact what the most recent leaks showed was there is discord because of the US negotiating positions. Their extreme pro-corporate agenda is not something other countries support, in addition the US is being inflexible in its pro-corporate demands and trying to force them through with bullying. The failure of the TPP is not Wikileaks it is the US Trade Representative and the Obama Administration insisting on a rigged trade agreement for the transnational corporations. Of course, they will publicly blame the leaks, but anyone who reads the leaks will see the problem is the United States being in bed with transnational corporate power rather than what is best for the people of the world. Before this last round of negotiations we described the negotiations as "in crisis" because the negotiating positions and approach of US negotiators were causing deep divisions. When the intellectual property chapter was leaked it was evident that the US was isolated in its negotiating position. If they want to blame the correct culprit for the failure of the TPP, they need to look in the mirror not point at Wikileaks.

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