Farmers Block Bridge At US Border To Protest 20 Years Of NAFTA

The National Association of Producers’ Enterprises (ANEC) makes this day a lock on the international bridge in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, to protest the plight of farmers live 20 years after the entry into force of the Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Through a statement read in mobilizing the peasant organization criticizes the consequences of two decades of neglect of the field by the federal government. "We are not poor, impoverished us NAFTA and policies of contempt, neglect, dispossession and exclusion", denounced the peasants. Moreover, ANEC said that organized "autonomous mobilizations and fair prices for our crops of corn, coffee, sugarcane, beans, rice, sorghum and wheat among others, in defense of our lands and our territory, and all struggling because we recognize that we are productive subjects and individual and collective subjects of law. " Farmers charge that NAFTA is "an ocean of lies and broken promises" because two decades ago the federal government promised that Mexico would be a first world country. "We reject NAFTA and now the Trans (TPP) Treaty being negotiated in secret, without our participation and equal or worse than NAFTA. Also know the call Energy Reform for not having consulted and therefore lack legitimacy, "said the peasant organization.

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