TPP Fast Track Critics Locked Out of Congressman Becerra’s Office

For some reason, Congressman Becerra decided to locate his office in the Chamber of Commerce building. When constituents questioned this, the security guard called the LAPD who told us she needed to ask the Chamber of Commerce if we could come in and speak to the Congressman’s staff. The LAPD then proceded to act as spokespeople for the staff, who refused to even come out and speak to us directly. What is noteworthy is that everyday the Congressman and his staff can develop personal relationships with Chamber employees as they see them in the halls, in the restrooms, in their respective offices. But constituents have no such access. And when they seek to address the Congressman’s staff, they are locked out and told they have to contact Washington. Well, as I say in the video, the 99% do not have the money to fly to Washington to lobby the Congressman when they have an issue the way the Chamber and associated corporations can.

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