Obama says will partner with Republicans and defy Democrats on his support of secret Trans-Pacific Partnership


Obama says will partner with Republicans and defy Democrats in his support of secret Trans-Pacific Partnership 6 Dec 2014 President Obama signaled Wednesday that, at least on international trade, he is willing to defy his fellow Democrats and his own liberal base to pursue a partnership with Republicans. Speaking at a gathering of business leaders [the only people Obama has ever given a damn about], Obama offered his strongest public defense of his administration’s pursuit of a major 12-nation trade deal in the Asia Pacific [drafted in *complete secrecy* by 600 corporations], known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), that has been opposed by Democrats, labor unions and environmental groups. [Obama’s pushing of the TPP is worse than *any* action George W. Bush ever took, including his criminal invasion of Iraq; establishment of Guantanamo Bay and other CIA black sites — and his use of torture at same. The TPP, drafted in complete secrecy (save for a WikiLeaks leaked chapter of the bill), submits the United States to governance by (and for) trans-national corporations. We need to take all necessary action to stop the disastrous TPP from passing. Wall Street/CIA troll Barack Obama is showing his true colors: He was *never* a voice for the people, as he pretended to be, but merely allowed to ‘win’ two elections to serve as Wall Street’s place-holder for the next corporate wh*re that the Koch brothers push to install in 2016. This will not stand. –LRP]

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